About Us

Consultant CFO

The Company was formed to provide small and mid-sized businesses with C-level talent on a part-time basis. All clients have their own accounting personnel or an outside service that maintain the books. However, many owners do not speak the language of accounting and often place unverified trust and reliance that all systems are working efficiently, and all funds are properly and accurately reported. ConsultantCFO works side by side with owners and key executives in optimizing processes, lowering costs, and providing an additional level of internal controls and analysis. Many clients have annual audits and tax preparation services conducted by CPA firms. The work provided by ConsultantCFO often becomes part of the “work-papers prepared by client.” Since the we have been in the field and much of the improvements to systems and processes are implemented with audits and tax requirements in mind.

While budgeting & forecasting, accounting oversight are large portions of the services offered, the majority of work provided in the past years focused more on business metrics that are not posted to the financial records. The business metrics are often leading indicators of the health of the company. Various dashboards and tracking systems have been installed and fine-tuned that feed into projections and cash flow models. These management tools allowed management to improve their planning, and to become proactive in solutions needed in today’s fast-paced environment.

The final significant service provided to owners is the one-on-one training for the Finance team to become the best in the industry. Many controllers just keep the books. CFOs are concerned with all processes and functions of the business, both internal and external. For example, given certain growth curves, what kind of manpower and capital will be needed in marketing, sales, production, and facilities, and how will it be financed. CFOs are concerned with medium and long term plans. ConsultantCFO meets with the owner to tailor a specific plan of development for the controller. The CFO training transforms the finance team to a skill level that is no longer reactionary and content to just post the books.