Finance Transformation

Align the finance function with the company’s strategy to manage through the expected recovery by creating a more flexible, cost efficient finance organization.

  • Align your Finance organization structure and processes with the business strategy

  • Gain insight into the relative performance of your finance function as compared to your peers and identify performance gaps

  • Eliminate and/or simplify complex structures, processes and technology

  • Standardize and integrate systems and leverage enabling technologies in corporate performance management

  • Reduce the cost of your Finance function

  • Align Finance skills and responsibilities to stakeholder needs

  • Minimize non-value add activities to improve focus on business analysis and support

  • Adopt a performance scorecard linked to value drivers and tied to staff accountability and compensation programs

  • Leverage shared services to deliver routine, high volume transaction processing with economies of scale and analyze outsourcing solutions

  • Incorporate change management activities into every phase of a transformation program

  • Realize synergies from the management of legal entities

  • Improve the operational performance of your tax function

We will transform your Finance Team

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