Comprehensive Financial Budgeting & Forecasting

Do you know when cash will be at its lowest point? How and when will new investments in capital impact the business? How much is at risk and when? We have many years of experience in long range planning, forecasting and budgeting. Interactive models are created using available metrics and financials. The variables are interactive, and enable planning sessions to be extremely productive with draft results given to the participants during the planning meetings. Many clients have found this process to be extremely efficient resulting in 2/3rds less time in meetings than the prior methodology. We are expert builders using the latest Microsoft software. .

Comprehensive Financial Budget covering all the departments. (Includes Sales & operational Budgets, Fixed Assets)/setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Sales & Operational Budgets. (include deep team discussions on how and when)

        • Past Sales Figures and Trends

        • Product Diversification and Product Development planning -Set KPIs

        • Capacity planning/ Production Budget-Set KPIs

        • Raw material planning/ Purchases Budget-Set KPIs

        • Finished Goods Inventory Budget-Set KPIs

        • GP margin/Cost of Goods Sold Budget-Set KPIs

        • Overhead/Finance expenses Budget-Set KPIs

        • Selling and Administrative Expenses Budget

        • Budgeted Income Statement

        • Workforce planning/Headcount Budget-Set KPIs

        • Develop the future roadmap

        • Financial & Tax Aspects

        • Return on Capital Employed

  • Fixed Assets (Capex) Budget

      • Consider existing fixed assets and utilization percentage.

      • Analyze Fixed assets requirement based on budgets and forecasts

      • Develop fixed assets purchase budget with limits & timeline.

  • Comprehensive Cashflow forecasting

      • Forecast and understand the future cashflow behavior. Track company spending, plan for any cashflow deficit

Go through current Standard operating procedures (SOPs) ,KPIs and setup new SOPs or make improvements in line with the budget and forecasts