Dashboards,Business Metrics & KPIs

Business metrics include more than the typical financial metrics of last month’s sales and today’s cash balance. We discuss with management which key metrics should be tracked and measured. These metrics are often the leading indicators of the health of the company in the months and years ahead. For some companies, it included tracking the life cycle of proposals converting to contracts. For other companies, it was tracking incoming calls from various marketing campaigns across the country.Models were built to track conversion rates and which media channel was the most effective. Understanding and tracking key performance indicators are critical in managing a business.

We create and implement processes to track and report on the KPIs. We train staff members in and interpreting the data. For those metrics that are financial in nature, we ensure an audit trail exists that tie the KPI reports to the financial reports.

Designing dashboards that are easy to understand and interpret have been a staple service of ConsulatntCFO.


  • Marketing & Sales Metrics

  • Financial Metrics

  • Social Media Metrics & many more..

Key Performance Indicators -KPIs

  • Make sure the KPIs are important and related to the business

  • Make the KPIs actionable

  • Make the KPIs relevant to their audience

  • Measure KPIs frequently

  • Keep dashboards simple, easy to interpret

  • Educate & communicate with your team about KPIs

  • Measure return on investment